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Herbalism is a holistic therapeutic approach based on the use of plants

medicinal purposes. This approach aims to support you as a whole (body-

spirit) and seeks to go back to the sources of the imbalance (s) which cause the symptoms

felt. There is no question here to only appease symptoms, we rather seek to

Rebalance what is no longer so that body and mind will find a harmonious state. In

more to work with medicinal plants in all its forms, recommendations in

Link with life habits and food can be done.

Herbalism is a smooth approach that brings not only to nature,

but also of oneself.

Possible consultation reasons: anxiety, stress, insomnia, light depression, exhaustion,

skin or digestion problems, migraines, SPM, recurring vaginal infections, and

much more.

Émilie Payeur

Social worker

Émilie Payeur

Her mission is to help you find balance with the help of plants and in the process, you
find yourself, in all your authenticity, your uniqueness and your sensitivity.

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