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Émilie Payeur


514 835-9658

Émilie has been a herbalist therapist for two years and will soon graduate from FloraMedicina in

more than being an interdisciplinary artist. She specializes in herbalism for the system

nervous and the emotional world as well as their different symptomatic repercussions which

occur during an imbalance.

Her approach is intuitive, creative and empathetic and focuses on emotional support,

thus creating a reassuring presence and a secure environment promoting trust and

the opening.

Its mission is to help you find balance with the help of plants and in the process, you

find yourself, in all your authenticity, your uniqueness and your sensitivity.

For Émilie, this transformation process is incredibly beautiful and touching and she

feels privileged to be able to accompany you there.


514 835-9658

Unfortunately, at this time, they are unable to issue receipts insurance.

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