Osteopathy is an ensemble of approaches and techniques designed to help the body recover its postural balance. These adjustments can help with pain relief by improving physiological health.

The osteopath's gentle touch allows them to treat acute or chronic pain, recent or older injuries, as well as physical or psycho-emotional pain.

Our osteopaths meet with you in private sessions of one hour, or during a combined acu-osteo treatment.


Acupuncture allows the patient to relax and be receptive, which facilitates the work of the osteopath. The patient therefore benefits not only from acupuncture, but from structural manipulation that is not available from acupuncture alone.

In a combined treatment, osteopathic manipulation generally lasts 15 minutes. The treatment begins with a postural evaluation. Osteopathic manipulation is done before or after acupunctural treatment, as the case may be.

Notre équipe en ostéopathie

Clara Roy-Bourbeau

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Benjamin Breton

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