Frequently asked questions

What are your fees? For acupuncture, acu-masso, or acu-osteo sessions, our prices range between $30 and $60 per treatment (acu-masso or acu-osteo = 2 treatments). You pay what you can depending on your financial situation. There is an additional $15 fee upon your first consultation to open your file.

Private treatment in massotherapy or osteotherapy is charged by the hour. See your therapist for details.

What is a fee scale? A fee scale is a policy of flexible pricing that helps make services affordable. The patient sets their own fees according to the suggested scale ($25-$50), taking into account their financial situation (income, insurance, etc.)

What types of payment are accepted? Cash only.

Do you provide receipts for insurance? Yes.

How long is a session? Sessions are generally one hour long.

Is your service only for low-income patients? No. Our approach is designed to encourage access at a low cost. Everyone is welcome. We have a fee scale that allows those who are more fortunate or who have insurance to pay a bit more for their treatment, which allows us to continue to offer affordable fees.

Are you members of an order or professional association? Yes. Our acupuncturists are all members of the Ordre des Acupuncteurs du Québec, our osteopaths and massotherapists are members of recognized associations.