Our Acupuncture Team

Clément Courteau

Professional experience:

  • 2012:  Perinatal acupuncture, LaSalle hospital
  • 2014: Creation of Acupuncture Populaire, Montreal's first community acupuncture ressource
  • 2019: Professor at the Acupuncture department, Rosemoent College

Therapeutic affinities:

  • - Pain
  • - Stress / Anxiety
  • - Fatigue
  • - Digestive problems
  • - Perinatal acupuncture

Annie Di Cesare

Annie is a co-founder of AcuPop. After graduating in 2012, she pursued further training with Michèle Joanette, an acupuncturist with 25 years of experience, who served as Annie's mentor. Annie was responsible for acupunture services at the Procrea fertility clinic.

Therapeutic affinities: sleep, anxiety, allergies, women's health

Achille Volpi

Achille was trained in traditional Chinese medicine at the ChuZhen Institute in Paris. He furthered his practice in the Chinese hospitals of KunMing and YunNan with Drs. Hao WanShan and Liu LiHong. The AcuPop clinic, where he has worked since 2016, allows him to adapt his training and experience to the realities of Western medicine.